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During 12 years we continuously learn and improve our development techniques. Our innovations are central to important cutting-edge technologies.


OEM/ODM Services

We offer our large R&D and manufacture experience to customize your products. Excellent services, and patented unique design are included.


Patented Design

We put a high value on providing our customers with solutions protecting their individuality and bringing benefits to the growth at lighting market.


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LED Tri-Proof Light

LED tri proof lamp means waterproof, dustproof, corrsoionproof and vapor proof made by latest LED technology and all in one high density PVC body, which is widely used in food processing factory, dust free clean room, production workshop, parking area, pharmaceutical factory lighting solution or traditional T5/T8 fluorecent tri proof lamp replacement.

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LED Linear Light

LED Linear develops, manufactures and distributes globally high quality scalable Linear LED modules for interior and exterior lighting. IP rated from IP00 to IP68.

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LED Panel Light

Replace traditional commercial fluorescent T8 tube lights with LED panel lights to eliminate hazardous waste and achieve unmatched energy savings. LED panel lights are great for office lighting, retail lighting, classroom lighting, supermarket lighting and more. All products are instock and available to ship from Super Bright LEDs.

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LED High Bay Light

Olam high bay LED lighting fixtures are designed for applications of 20 feet (6 meters) or more. A wide ranOlam of Olam indoor lighting fixtures provide specific light patterns for your high bay lighting applications, including maintenance lighting, warehouse lighting, recreation center lighting, hangar lighting and storaOlam lighting. Olam's indoor lighting fixtures provide industrial and commercial lighting to help improve safety and energy efficiency while enhancing productivity.

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Delivery & Payment

A Order: Consult our products, choose the right products, and signed a contract to pay 50% deposit.
B Shipping: We immediately arrange production and delivery to the plant picking. Designated port by FOB, sea, or air to reach all of your zone.
A Payment: We accept company transfers, or Paypal payment or credit card payment. Make sure to get paid before us the correct form of payment.
D Service: If you are using the product, and product failure encountered quality problems, please contact our sales department immediately for your product maintenance and warranty policies.
E Discounts: If you are very satisfied with our products, hope to buy again to our products. We will buy your needs, make a special discount promotions. Get specific information, please contact us to obtain staff.

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Trunking System Linear light( Rail+lights)

Trunking System Linear light( Rail+lights)

The LED linear trunking lights are simple mounting. All system components, trunking rail and luminaire inserts are perfectly matched according to 1416mm/570mm system dimensions.

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