LED Tubular Light.

LED Tubular LightThis is special IP67 IK10 IP69K design, Can replace neon lamp using in bridge/Building. Good for using in Livestock Farm Connection good for Installation big place.


Product Application


The led lights can be applied at the factory facilities, warehouse facilities, public facilities etc, such places need the lighing system.

LEDs are utilized in many industries for many things. The applications of this efficient and environmentally-friendly light source are endless, however, there are 5 main fields of application: automotive use, backlight sources for consumer electronics, display screens for advertising, electronic equipment, and general lighting.


Uses for the interior of automobiles include indicator lights on dashboard gauges, audio status lights, security status lights and warning signals. Automobile exterior usage includes third brake lights, the left and right rear lamps, turn signals, etc. Currently many European series vehicles including Audi and BMW integrate high power LEDs.

Backlight Sources:

The mobile phone is the largest market of integration for SMD (surface mount diode) LEDs. An estimated 400 million mobile phones are sold annually. One mobile phone takes two LED backlight sources and six SMD LED key lights. As a result, mobile phones create a demand for 3.2 billion LEDs per year.

Display Screen:

The LED screen has become the new display medium for advertising and information. It is commonly used in concert, arena and trade show venues. Its popularity has prompted the rapid technological development of large-scale integrated circuits. Compared to plasma- and LCD-based displays and traditional media such as neon lights, LED displays offer advantages such as high brightness, dynamic visual display, high reliability, low energy consumption, long service life, display content diversity, high durability, and low maintenance costs. LED display screens have been widely adapted in various fields.

Electronic Equipment:

Due to attributes such as low power consumption, small size, and long life, LEDs have become the preferred light source on various electronic equipment. Today, LEDs have been integrated as warning lights and indicators on most electronics.

General Lighting:

LEDs are being used in advertising billboards, illumination of commercial building exteriors, landmark buildings, bridges, roads, town centers and landscape lighting because of the numerous advantages they offer. Their long life, rich color, and easily-controlled features with integrated electronics offer a scalable lighting solution. As technology continues to bring rapid improvements in luminous efficiency and as cost compression persists, applications expand rapidly. Many airports, subways, hotels, shopping centers, and individual homes feature LEDs now. The integration of LED-based solutions into traffic lighting has been successful and is also growing rapidly.


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